[Physical] Wellness SATURDAY!

In my war against alliteration (GAH), I’ve moved the [Physical] Wellness feature to Saturdays! Yay. And also because I’m planning a [Spiritual] Wellness Sunday (that blasted alliteration again (GAH)) and I thought the two next to each other would make a nice weekend feature.

So, here we have it :)

19 October 2013

Tune in next Saturday for a progress update as well as new goals, and hopefully slightly more exciting meals! Are there any resources or tools you use to help you make the most of your week?


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2 thoughts on “[Physical] Wellness SATURDAY!

  1. Making the most of my week…I’ve turned into a list fanatic and a new smartphone isn’t helping!! Love the app “Task List” as it helps prioritizing but is simple enough I didn’t have to muck around for hours figuring it out! Lol. Also have two jars (one full of shells, the other empty)…I have a list stuck to the full jar and as I do a task (2 cleaning chores, a unit of uni work etc.), I move a shell into the other jar. As soon as the other jar is full, I get to choose a treat (I decided on the boxed set of Call the Midwife…). Does that even make sense?!?!

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